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Flavor Description
7 Leaf Tobacco Blend A blend of 7 different tobacco leaves.
7 Leaf Tobacco Menthol Blend A blend of 7 different tobacco leaves, with menthol added.
Bahama Mama* Fruity cocktail with the smooth flavor of Mango, Pineapple, Piña Colada, Orange and Rum.
Berry Cream Blast* Sweet Mixed berries with a touch of smooth Sweet Cream.
Butter Rum Sweet, buttery smooth flavor.
Caramel Macchiato Vanilla flavor with Espresso & caramel.
Carmachino Sweet creamy Caramel and a Bold Blended Coffee.
Cherry* Thick vapor that tastes like a cherry popsicle.
Cinna-Ice* Great tasting Cinnamon with an ICY menthol kick.
Cinnamon Danish A warm and gooey cinnamon Danish.
Coconut Caramel Cookies A bed of coconut layered with caramel on top of a sweet sugar cookie.
Dragon's Blood Beyond creamy with a rich dragon fruit taste.
Dragon's Breath* After-dinner smooth and creamy flavors with a special mixture of mint.
Dragon's Brew Dragon Cream blended with Espresso.
Dragon's Tear Strawberry version of Dragon's Blood.
Dragon's Café Dragon Cream blended with Espresso and 3 vanillas.
Desert Gold A premium blend of fine Turkish Tobacco.
Desert Gold Menthol A premium blend of fine Turkish Tobacco with menthol added.
Fruit Smoothie A refreshing fruit smoothie made with banana, strawberry, orange, and peach.
Hopscotch Rich and creamy butterscotch peanut butter dessert.
Irish Crème The delightful flavor of Irish Cream is intermingled in a deliciously rich flavor experience.
Mad Monster* Release the Beast!! This is our take on Monster Energy™!
Mango Berry Blast* Fresh Strawberry and ripe Mango with a creamy finish.
Mountain Myst* If you like soda and lemon/lime you'll love this flavor!
Mystic Breeze* A secret mixture of cool sweet fruits with a touch of menthol chill.
Nana Bread* Banana nut bread.
New Harbor Smooth traditional flavor with a sweet refreshing minty taste.
Peaches n' Cream* Juicy peaches and smooth sweet cream.
Pin-nana Chill* A tropical blend of Banana and Pinapple with a cool blast of menthol.
Pina Colada* A sweet tropical drink made with pineapple and coconut.
Pure Ice* The name says it all, a truly icy extreme menthol only flavor.
Push-Up Pop* A Sweet Orange Tasty Treat. (You'll hear the ice cream truck music in your head!)
Red Box Classic A very nice tobacco flavor.
RY4 Sweet tobacco with undertones of caramel and vanilla.
Strawberry Daiquiri A refreshing strawberry daiquiri, blended with fresh strawberry, rum and lime flavors.
Thin Mint Cookies Thin mint cookies! Do we need to say more?
Tobacco Blend A traditional blend of tobacco with warm creamy sweet nutty after tones.
Tobacco Blend Menthol A traditional blend of tobacco with warm creamy sweet nutty after tones with menthol added.
Vanilla Gorilla Toasted marshmallow and vanilla.
Vanilla Malt A freshly blended vanilla malt from your neighborhood malt shop.
Waterberry Chill* Fresh watermelon, sweet strawberry with a menthol kick!
Watermelon A juicy watermelon without the seeds.

All flavors denoted with an " * " are available in zero nicotine.

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